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Wrenchiní Tip Engine Swap 8/15/2010 Label It!



Now the Mustang is a fairly simple machine, even the electrical system is easy to work through. Pls note, I hate electrical problems and I equally dislike having to chance them down and I donít care how simple it is.  My 84 Corvette is nothing short of a nightmare.

Keeping this stuff straight is hard to do.  Now tearing out an engine doesnít necessarily mean you are starting out with all new wiring, but it could.  A tip I use is to label everyone single wire with (normally) white duct tape.

Like so: (not white duct tape!!)

This actually should reads: Starter Relay. (Yeah...spelling you haven't noticed!!!)


This is eXtremely handy.  For example there are no less than 18 different wires just on the driverís door for the Corvette.  Iíve taken the door apart so many times for repair, that I started leaving them labeled.

Of course you can use this for hoses, lines and parts.

Thanks for reading.


Thanks for that tip Tim.  I built a 1929 Mercedes kit car and used the 1978
Mustang 4 banger engine and running gear from a Mustang and labeled the wires as you described with great success.  It works. 


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