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Worth spending money on a 289 for power?

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Opps didn't see that i apologize. I would call comp cams then and tell them your grind and the springs you have and make sure they will be ok and that it wont void your warranty or anything.

Yeah right. I'm sure they are going to recommend their springs even if the edelbrocks are good enough for it.

Probably but at least you will know you have the right springs. Just my opinion though.

Personally, I would use the springs that Comp cams recommends.  Most likely the edelbrocks would be fine, but I would still call comp cams anyway.  At any rate, you are trying to wake up that 289, and what you are doing is the right thing to do.  I would do basically the same thing to my 289, but she's  a "C" code, and I don't want to spend all the money it would take to ensure that engine doesn't twist something apart.  I use my classic for cruising, and my 03 Mach 1 to go fast.  To each his own. 

Well my 66 is pretty sturdy. 66,000 original miles. Of course i have a rebuilt front end and monte carlo bar. Im going to by an export brace, and probably do the shelby drop again.. I put it back to stock specs after i couldnt find out what is causing my alignment mess up. You remember my issues glen? Im sure its still messed up. im going to check from shock tower cracking, etc. It's my last thing i can think of. I've replaced everything.


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