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Worth spending money on a 289 for power?

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--- Quote from: Soaring on April 15, 2010, 02:37:06 PM ---That Unibody construction on a classic won't handle the power and torque of a big block unless you do some serious frame work.  The stroker idea will even be too much power for a classic body if left as it is.

--- End quote ---

All you really need to do to beef up the strength of the body is install a set of sub-frame connectors, and this kit: 1965-68 Mustang Coupe/Fastback Chassis Strengthening Kit $349.99 at Mustangs Plus.

Yup. sub-frame connectors is where you need to start.  Front to rear, and left to right. 

So I've looked at beefing up the 289, and it's looking like a better idea to just get a new engine and stiffen the subframe etc

(AUS Dollars)
The 289 Alloy headers are about $2400~
Intake $300~
Cam $300~
Stiffening (allow about $400)
Ignition $
Labor $

Already got:
flo-tech long headers 4 into 1 ($500~)
custom mandrel bent 2.5" twin exhaust with 'X' pipe ($1200)
reset leafs, lowered with new shocks, big sway bars, all new nylon bushes, suspension overhauled ($2000)
gilmer drive ($300)
Holly 600cfm 4 barrel carby ($ cant remember)

Thinking it might be a better option to find a 302 and overhaul it, stroker kit and clean it up. Keep the 289 in storage since its a really clean engine (almost show quality) and it hasn't been modified much.

So start by getting some sub-frame strength, then find a 302 and go from there...
Going to talk to my mechanic next week, see what he thinks before I go crazy :P

$2400 for headers? Where the f*ck are you looking? Check summit they have several pairs ranging from 150-400.

Yeah 2400 Aussie dollars is way to much for headers.  Unless they are gold plated.   ;D


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