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Wiring problem

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I just completed detailing my engine compartment on the 67' 289. I was careful to mark and tag all wires for reassembly. I replaced all battery cables, solenoid and voltage regulator.When I started the car it fired up just fine but when I released the key upon ignition it sounded like the starter kept running along with the engine. Could not turn the car off with the ignition had to go outside and pull the battery cable. I then put the positive cable back on the battery but when I touched the negative cable to the black post there was a large bang as if the starter jolted?
I am thinking it has something to do with the solenoid? Even took before and after pictures can't see where I have incorrectly re-hooked anything.

Any ideas out there??



It's one of three scenerios: your solenoid is shot; your ignition switch is stuck on start; there is a remote possibility that there is constant battery voltage to the solenoid.
Do you know how to use a trouble light?

 The solenoid is new, could be the ignition but everything worked fine before I took things apart. Not sure what a trouble light is? So my answer is no.


Next time it does this, pull the red wire off of the solenoid(it just pushes onto the threaded terminal). If the cranking stops, it's the ignition switch. If it keeps cranking, it's the solenoid.
If you have a later style high torque starter, it might be ( but probably isn't) the solenoid on the starter itself, as well, and the problem may stem from an improper wiring scheme.

The problem I have now, When ever I try to re-hook the battery cables to the terminals, sparks jump off the contact and the starter bangs as if it is being energized?



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