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Wiring Harness on a '66

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Having a parking light staying on all the time is not bad and you may be able to fix it. What is bad is having a wiring harness cut and taped everywhere. Moisture can get the wires corroded resulting in more resistance (loss of power) and heat. Worse case would be a shortcut in your electrical system. The best thing to do is to replace the whole harness if you don't want to see your mustang burning in flames. I am not saying your car is dangerous but this scenario may happen and I think the investment would be worth it.

Thank goodness you said something.  I browsed a few places in search of a new harness, and I found one.  It's about $90, and I've got someone to put it in for me, so it's all good.  All I have to do is wait until my insurance bill comes.  Heh.  But anyway, thanks for your help.   :-D

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