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Wire hiding question

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I want to hide as much of the wiring in my engine bay as possible (i hate the look of a messy engine bay) and i was looking for some tips or advice if anyone has done this before. I have been considering moving the battery to the trunk for a couple of reasons so that will eliminate some of it but i would like to have as little as possible. Thanks for any suggestions.

Depending on what year and acessories you gonna have alot of wires. honestly underneath my hood, there are hardly any wires except the ones going for the engine, and they are all bundled up. My other wires are just routed factory and they are out of place. Moving the battery is not going to do all that much for wires, but it is great for helping to even out your weight distribution. The only advice i can give is get you some shrink tubing or that plastic tubing with the slit and run as many wires as you can through it.

I agree.  For just a few small wires like what go to your distributor, shrink wrap works great. 
For the bundle coming out of your firewall, the slit plastic wrap works fine.  I'm like you.  I don't like a bunch of single wires running all over my engine bay just waiting to get fried by the exhaust manifold, etc. 

My car dont have any wiring laying around. I guess nobody has torn into it. lol. the only wiring i have is the wiring routing to my engine, oil, water temp, coil power, and then the pertronix power and ground for coil.

There's no telling what wires are hanging around on top of that hot engine.  You need to wrap all of them, and get them away from the hot parts like the exhaust manifold. 


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