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Will a cruise-o-matoc off a six work with a 302?

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We just got a 302 to replace the I6 in my son's 65. Will the cruise-o-matic mate up to it? Do we need a new bellhousing & converter? Do we need a different tranny altogether?

In a word - "no". The internals are different, the torque converter is different as well as the bell housing. You will need to change the rear axle, including brakes, and get a new drive shaft to handle the additional power and torque. It is highly recomended to upgrade the front suspension as well (commonly known as a 4 lug to 5 lug conversion).
Would I do it? Yes.

Me?  I wouldn't do it because by the time you buy all the V8 parts to replace the 6 banger parts, you will have more into the car than purchasing a V8 outright.  Now, if you already own the 6 banger, sell it and get an original V8. 
Now to answer your question.  Jim is correct.  That C4 behind a 6 banger engine is weaker and won't handle the torque of a 302, and the rear end won't handle the torque either.  The front end  suspension components can't handle the weight of the V8 so must be replaced. 

I just made the swap from a 200 I6 to a 289.  I bought another car that needed to be redone and needed way too much to do. I kept the front suspension and installed it on mine, I kept the engine and tranny along with the rear end, all of which was completely rebuilt. It had the 9" rear end and a C4 of which is what was attached to the engine. I had the engine bored out to .060 over because of bad cylinders, I have put a aluminun intake on it along with a edelbrock 4 bbl, 600cfm carb., and a new distributor which I will put a solid state ign in it, the car has been completely redone, paint, body insides with new seat covers, AC, aluminum radiator, 14" elect fan and all new engine components.  I am presently working on a set of headers that will eventually go on this engine.  All of this is in my 1965 Ford Falcon 2 dr sedan.  It was the best car I could find at the time. I have been working on this for the last 3 years as I am 100% disabled and is very hard for me to do but as you can see I like to do things right. I also have new tires along with Cragar Star wheels.  I will have to take more pics of this as my computer crashed and took all my pics with it of all the work I have done. This should be one nice car when finished. If it had a removable part it was replaced with a rebuilt or new one.  Of course some new parts are no longer available and I had to use what I could find.  If you do the same you should have something to be real proud of. Good luck. Champion2211

Yeah, if you have a donor car, that would be the way to go. 


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