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will a 302 fit on a 289 tran

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looking at a 302 for my 65 mustang the 289 is almost gone i want to do a rebuild but want to have more power with out messing with the cars stock 289 will that trans fit the 302 or do i gots to get a new one? thanks joey :o

Everything is interchangable. 

Try to find a 302 that was used in the late 60's or early 70's, casting no's C8OE-6015-A & B, C8TE-6015-B preferred. Later blocks (casting dates starting in 1973) were cast to provide a lower compression ratio. Just about all the parts will fit but the 289 crank and rods may (I say may, I don't know) hit the lower cylinder skirt. Remember that early 1965 289 engines were 5 bolt to the transmissions, so find out your casting number first. If you look athe the lorer right hand block where the starter goes, you will find the casting p/n. If it's a C5AE-6015-E p/n you are OK. A C4OE-6015-C or F are 5 bolt types.

thanks thats what i needed to know

ol dirty doug:
what about a 89-91 gt motor? they have 302 cid(5.0) fordged pistons and roller cam stock! that would bolt to the 289 c4 won't it? they're cheep and make good power stock.


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