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Who knows their FORD REAR AXLES? ANYONE?!!!!

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I'm new to the forum...  I've got a 69 Mach 1 with a big block 390.  Picked her up about 1 1/2 ago.    I was under the impression all parts were original except for very few modifactions...  

Well, I recently changed the suspension (Bushings, springs.. etc.) and was putting in new Stainless steel brake lines.. when I realized the kit I was putting in on the rear didn't fit.    Called the place I got the kit from.. and they said either the previous owner changed the wheel cylinders or something..    or he may have changed the whole rear axle!

so There are no tags on the dif...   only stamped numbers I found where on both ends of the rear axle.

C7OW8 (E or 3)  on the rear driver's side
C7OW6 (E or 3)  on tha passenger side.

Can anyone shed some light on this for me!?  
Is this rear original to my car from factory..or did someone swap my rear axle?

The Rear Axle Tag should be attached to the differential by a carrier bolt. If you don't have it, I can't help you about it. The door tag numbers will also tell you what the rear axle was when it left the factory.

yeah.... I checked and I have NO tags back there....:(

This helped me... Mark a place on the brake shield and the hub where the lugs are. Mark a place on the "hogs head" where the drive shaft connects and the axle. See how many turns of the hogs head it takes for the wheel to make one complete turn...i.e. 3.5 turns or 2.8 turns...3.50 gears and 2.80 gears.

From the catalog parts I have from "Cal Mustang" There is only 2 different brake lines you can order for a 1969 Mustang. Brake lines for a 9 inch rear end and brake lines for an 8 inch rear end. Your 1969 Mach 1 should have a 9 inch rear end so if yours is stock you may have non original wheel cylinders or a wrong set of brake lines.


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