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Which Long tube headers??


What are some good Long tube headers for a 302 with a t-5 transmission? I havent found many that were ceramic coated. I am looking for some that are a good price also..

JBA and Hooker come to mind.  I have heard great things about the JBA's. 

Depends, I'm using Hooker supercomps, had to ding 'em to get them to clear steering box and shock towers then a little grinding at the collectors to clear the AOD, which you shouldn't have a problem with.  They do produce a little more low end over the hedmans I had on before which didn't take any beatings or grinding to fit. Both brands can be ceramic coated with the Hookers costing quite a bit more. I'm running a 347, if I was going with just the 302, I would use the Tri Y's, they have been around for a long time and have been proven to work well.  I'm sure you will get plenty of opinions on this.


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