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Which headers?


Iíve got a 66 Convertible with a stock 289, C4 Auto and P/S. Iím looking at upgrading to a 4BBL 465CFM as the existing carb is shot and probably the wrong size -  500CFM 2BBL. I am thinking of doing the headers at the same time as I want to do a muffler change anyway, it has flow masters which in my opinion sound awful, they are too clacky and droney like and old truck rather than a nice V8 rumble.

Anyway I was thinking of getting some triple Yís but I have heard some brands/models sit way too low and scrape, has anyone installed header? What did you use and how did you find them for ground clearance and are they OK with the power steering.

Thoughts on carb sizes and a manifold are also welcome as I am unsure about the height issue.

PS: most of my driving is around town so I am after a little more mid range get-up-and-go rather then high end.

That stock 289 won't  take more than a 4100 Motorcraft carb.  I have the Ravin dual exhaust on my 289 '65 and it has a nice rumble without the rattliing sound that the other after market mufflers give you. Especially the 400 flowmaster series. 

I got my tri-y's from Sacremento Mustang, but I actually bought them from eBay.

They fit amazingly well, I don't think I even got a scratch on them putting them in.  I may have to ding them a little for the z-bar, it's fitting now without but the z-bar comes within 1/16" of the tube.  They were $229 shipped. 

I've heard good things about the Tri-y's over the years.  289's have quite a bit of clearance from the engine to the tranny, so they should pop right on.  The weiand intake manifold is supposed to be one of the best on the market.  Look into it, plus look into an Edelbrock intake and carb.  Don't go over 500 CFM on the carb though.  450 is about right.


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