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Where to start?


I have a 65 coupe in storage, stripped down to bare metal, blasted and epoxy primered.  Time to start the rebuild.  I'm stuck on the decision to try to take it to a body shop w/o suspension and wheels (just bare frame on a car hauler) to start the body work and frame straightening OR to start by undercoating it, putting on suspension parts and wheels and then getting it to the body shop?  Pros / Cons of either way?

Have you asked the shop you plan to use?  Their input is important to you.  If I were the body shop owner I would want it on wheels with suspension so I could move it around the shop easily. 

I thought of that and did and his answer was the same as yours.  I just thought I would post the question and see what the pros/cons of doing this either way might be.  Thanks for putting in your $0.02 worth.


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