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Gene Dallachie:
I have now run into a problem.
1966 Mustang with disk brakes on the front.
I called Calif Mustang to order styled steel wheels that were an option from Ford in 1966, and was informed that the reproduction models on sale at all outlets will not work with disk braked vehicles.
So I went to my nearest Ford parts house and they say there is no difference in part numbers as they do not define wheels available for disk or drum brakes.
Anyone out there know the truth?
I am attempting to assist a young man here in town with his 1966 coupe.
Mine is a 1966 GT Fastback.
Thank you to all.

Jerry Baker:
Im not for sure one that myself but you could call a few other dealers such at NPD or mustangs unlimited or evern paddocks and see what they say.


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