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wheel size for a 289 '66

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What is the limit on rim size for standard 66 coupe with 289?  I want to put on wheels without having to use a spacer and would like the largest ones possible without having to do any altering.  Also, it seems hard to find the vintage rims in sizes under 15 X 7.  I like the look of the American Racing Torque Thurst II.  Any advise out there? :lol:

Here is a picture with the wheels you mentioned. The dimensions are15x7 and i would not install wider rims for a street use with a stock engine.
I also found a website selling the same rims. Try to contact them to have more informations.
Good luck and feel free to let us know if you find any good wheels.

stroker 347:
Go to mustangs they have a tech. section where they researched all the wheel tire possibilities for the older mustangs it shows the biggest wheels and tires you can put on and the backspace you need to clear the fenders. Very helpful.

Take a look at this wheel and tire chart and see what others have used successfully.  Some had to roll the fenders and some had to tub.  Read what they have to say at the end of each entry.   Hit the (+) sign at the top to blow the chart up so you can read it.  Without rolling or tubbing, it appears you best bet is to stick with 15X7 .  Some guys like to go bigger in back, but if it is a driver and not a racer, then you need to stick with the same size all the way around so you can rotate them. Just remember if you go to the 15" wheel, you are also going to have to get a new gear for your speedometer and deal with that.  I have 14X7 wheels on mine, and it looks great, and I didn't have to deal with the speedo gear change. I also didn't have to deal with lowering it with 620 springs.   Be especially careful about the size of tires you get too.  Some are just too wide, so they rub.

dodgestang has upgraded his wheel chart i havent looked it over yet but hes been working on it has some pics i believe too


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