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What does it take to swap a c4 for 4 speed?


Hey guys, I had a 65 conv. With a 4 speed. Sold it when found out wife was pregnant. Year later bought a nice 289 coupe with a c4. Nice car , but it is not the same without shifting gearzz. Can I change my c4 for a 4speed, what does it take? Trans, pedals? Some sort of carb iddle adjustment ? Thanks

You would need a tranny, clutch, flywheel,  pedal assembly, equalizer assembly, bellhousing and fork,  driveshaft and some type of shifter plus odds and ends for a 4 speed.
  But I would suggest you find a  5speed out of a 86 - 93 V8 stang use a modified stock transmission crossmember and t-5 world class with bellhousing $800, yoke and clutch (no flywheel) from a wrecked fox body, and the rest all new components. Flywheel-$150, flywheel balancing-$50-100, shortened driveshaft-$50-100, clutch cable kit-$250, clutch pedal-$20-30, shifter-$50.

plus labor for both unless your changing it

But you could alway sell your car and just find a 4 speed car... hehe  :o

Mustang Monthly has a good tech write-up on the swap.


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