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vynil hard top replacement


hey how is everyone--- new here--

 just picked up a 67' for my wife-- it's no jem, but has potential.
needs some light body work, and some light mechanical work--
interior is a complete mess, but shouldn't be too much of a problem

 here is the issue-- it had a vynil hard top that was torn off--- the rooof is full of rust--- blasting the rust, and filling the pits isn't a problem. but i've never actually replaced a vynil top before--- not too sure what's involved-- i can get the surface smooth-- but am not sure about materials or where to get them---

i've been a mechanic for over ten years and done alot of body work-- so i'm pretty sure that i am capable-- but am unfarmiliar with this-- does the vynil need to be stretched? anything special about the glue?

any help would be great


Hi Dave and welcome to our forum.
Mopar Muscle magazine replaced a vinyl top on a Dodge Charger. Everything is explained in detail and it should not be much diferent than on a Mustang. Just make sure there is no rusty metal left on the roof or the vinyl will bubble very fast.
Good luck and feel free to let us know how it went.

hey thanks for the link-- should be very helpfull

i will be sure to uodate you guys as the project progresses-- complete with before and afters--

plus i'm sure i'll have more questions!!!!!!

thanks again


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