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vinly top to hardtop conversion


whats the best way to fix rust in the roof of a mustang?  This car originally had a vinyl top and i want to convert it to a hardtop. how hard is it to do somethin like this?

very easy, just rip off the vinyl and start sanding... for the trim use a good grinder to make it smooth, you might need to bondo to make smooth....

for primer use this product called SLICK SAND its a extra thick sealer primer that will fill in any inperfections and is great when wet sanding before paint...

okay bro, set back and let me walk you threw what I did. First, I got me a nice 32 oz. bud light, and drank it. Then after that I choose too remove that ugly thing. After you take everything to include trim off you will see resido all that will come off with 80 grit. Now, the little strip that is on your window strip( the piece that are just to the outside of the front window) you should remove the drip caps so you can really get down and get it clean, you will be happier in the end. I tried to leave them on and in the long run I scratched the drive side and had to take them off anyways, so save yourself and remove them prior too. Once all the glue was removed I use a die gringer and shave those tips off the middle of the top. You will find that the glue comes off a lot slower than just paint itself but once you get it off you will really like what you get. Let me know....

Yeah, Russ is right.  Get that rag off anyway you can, then start sanding.  If there are holes from rust, or any rust left at all, you need to wipe POR 15 all over the top to kill that rust.  Use a body filler and get the top slick so there are no indentions. Once you get it down to slick, then prime it and paint it.  Depending on how long the top was rusty and how much water got onto the headliner, you may need to replace the headliner and POR 15/paint  the bottom of the top as well.


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