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Hi Everyone
Im new to the forum here and was hoping someone can help me out. We are doing a Restomod on my sisters 66 vert. Well we have all the body work and paint done, motor and tranny are ready all we have to do is start the reassemble. That will be a kick in the pants. Anyway here is my question I noticed that the orig. Door plate and the VIN tag are missing (we had the car bead blasted and had to replace the doors) is there anyplace that I can buy those plates? The car is registered and we have the title. Im going to get some pics of this stang and my on here soon as I can. 

Thanks for your help

Yeah, Virginia Classic Mustang is one place that can make a new door tag for you.  Just give them your entire VIN.  The VIN is stamped on the inner fender on the driver's side inside the notched out area of the outer fender.  Give them a call at 540-896-2695.   Or order online here:

Don't bother with Virginia Classic Mustang, go straight to their source, Marti Auto The last ones I got were in the $20 range but I know the cost is higher. You will need to supply the information that goes on the data plate so if you don't have the original you will need to 'fake it'. Get back to us and we can help with the missing info.

Will Kevin make a data plate on Mustangs that are older than a 67? 
I guess if he has all the information then he will.  They are $24.95 at Virginia Classic. 

Vurginia sends your request to Kevin and, if you read the VA catalog, the plate is shipped from the vendor.


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