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Valve body on 66' C4


Hopefully one of you transmission pros can help me out.  As I removed the upper and lower valve body on my 66' a plastic check ball came out.  I was not sure where it went, then I read that the valve bodies in C4s in 1966 did not have check balls.  I am wondering if this tranny was rebuilt previously and someone installed the balls.  Does anyone know if this VB is supposed to have check balls, and if so, where they go? Thanks.

I can't answer your question but I can point you to an excellent forum that can answer it -

Also, I found a post on the Vintage Mustang forum that has some information -

Thanks.  The Vintage Mustang forum had a pic of the VB, which indicates there are 2 check balls.  Unfortunately, it does not show where they go.  I will ask on the other forum you provided.  Thanks again.


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