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valve adjustments

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By roller tappets-I mean when valve covers are off, and I mess with the rocker arms-there are small rollers that push down on valve stem. I emailed the guy I bought car from and he said they are hyd. lifters--not solid lifters. Am I using the wrong phrase? I remember an old v8 I owned-72 Grande 302...and it had no roller on rocker arm....just metal on metal pushing down valve stem. What do I have?   Thanks Steve...........Jay

You've got roller rockers and flat hydraulic tappets.  There are several types but that really doesn't matter right now.  What is holding them on the stud?


   the rocker arms are held on with a half-circle looking thing, then a nut on top of that.........the half circle thing is sitting inside the hollow part of rocker arm.  Thanks for your help steve, I really am not a huge car guy--just love mustangs.

    Also Steve....Should I drive the car to get oit all warmed up before adjusting the valves?   Or is cold engine OK<  Thanks,  Happy ThanksGivin'     Jay

First, cold is fine.  Is there any way that you van post a pic of your rockers?  Or do they look like one of these:

or one of these?

The ones on top should have this type of nut with lock;

And the lowers would look like this:


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