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Upper Shock Mount Dilemma

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Hey all, I was taking apart the upper shock mounts to install an export brace in the 65 and on one side somebody had already had it apart and for whatever reason, (maybe the studs broke) it was put back together with what I am assuming was their best idea of a non matching nut and bolt combo on two of the studs. Well of course they are just spinning and not coming loose. So my question is, is there anything I can do about that without taking apart the suspension and if I do have to take it apart does anyone make any sort of repair kit that might consist of a ring with the studs welded on that I could put in there?

The bolts which hold the shock mount to the shock tower should be a carriage bolt but it only held on 3 sides. Once the bolts are loosen they drop and start spinning, I had some trouble with mine as well but ending being able to slide a pry bar under the bolts to hold them long enough to stop them from spinning. It wasn't a fun job I feel your pain, if that doesn't work you might have to cut or grind them out. But whatever you do replace them  with new bolts or fix the threads on your old one if the shoulder are good and not rounded.

So I will assume then that to replace the bolts the spring will have to be removed.

No if you can get the bolts out you can  replace with out removing the spring

Joe AZ 2 PA:
If you ever have to replace a front spring be careful and check out some how-to's before doing it. . . .  8)


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