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Howdy, Gearheads!
Looking for opinions on where to find upholstery for my '71. I would be lying if I said that money were no issue :P, but I do want to stay with a stock design.  Any suggestions?

Mustangs Unlimited has the seat covers for a '71, but nothing else.   All the other catalogs I have only list the kits up through 1968. 

Virginia classic mustang in Broadway Va has TMI for 71-73. Std costs 219, Mach 1 a bit more  Check them out at      Been dealing with them for years, great folks..

I've replaced all of my interiors coverings Headliner, seat upholstery, front seat foam, carpet and  deluxe door panels. Got it all from a combination of mustangs unlimited and NPD The only part that I really need is a stearing wheel I aint gonna pay 5-6 hundred for a used one..

All of the catalogs list steering wheels from anywhere from Grant to Lacerra.  It just depends on how deep your pockets are. 


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