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Unsure of engine oil to use.

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Hi all. My first question.
I have a  1967 Mustang 289 arriving soon. I don't know much about the history of the engine. I live in New Zealand and the car is from California. So only got the basics.
What oil would you suggest i use. I thought maybe 10w40w Synthetic???
However i read somewhere that new oils are made for new Catalytic cars. These oils contain less Phosphorous because it reacts with the cats and emmisions. We need the Phosphorous to reduce the wear on our cams etc. So do you all also use an additive?
Thanks ......muncher

First welcome to the site, and congrats on the new mustang. Personally i have never been a fan of synthetic, especially on old motors, high mileage motors, or fresh motors. Never heard anything but bad about it. Glen (Soaring) and several others on this site use it and say they love it. Its all about opinions i guess.

Synthetic oil is great when you use it right. What I mean is, a low miles engine. IF you got 200,000 and switch to a synthetic oil, it can cause leaks, etc. Now It's best to start using after a fresh rebuilt, so break it in with regular oil, and then after the first or second oil change start using synthetic oil. It will prolong engine life!

I've used regular oil for xxx years (too many to count). If you change oil and filter every 3,000 miles, you won't have any oil related problems. I got on the STP kick a long time ago until STP was found to be of little advantage, so don't bother with addatives. There are some that swear by Deisel engine oil as it has zinc in it. Don't know if it's good or not.

Diesal oil is good too. I was just stating that you might not have any problems with regular oil, but it's been tested and proven that synthetic oil holds it's lubrication properties alot longer then regular oil. Lubrication equals a happy  engine... and well happier other stuff not related to engines. ;D


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