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U-bolt and lock nut question


Hello everyone,
I just had my drive shaft balanced and  new universal joints put in. When I went to bolt up the U-bolts to the end of the drive shaft.
I'm noticing the lock nuts that came with  the u-bolts are extremely hard to put on. I have used lock nuts before so  I now they go on a lot harder than a regular nut
but this seems really hard all the way. The U-bolts are five thread but it looks like the lock nuts are coarse thread...does that seem right to you????

It's been a few months since I've worked on my mustang and been on the forum so it's Good to be back on both! Felt good to be back under the mustang again and it will be even better to get her back on the road.  It can be hard balancing your hobby with work and family ( tell you guys something you don't now ...right?!  :)  Anyway, hopefully I'll be more of a regular again.

Thanks for any help you can give me, it's always appreciated!


Welcome back!  Patience is always a part of this hobby.

The nuts must be the same thread as the U-bolts.  The locking nuts normally will start easily then get harder to turn as the locking feature engages, unless you try to put the nuts on "backwards" and try to thread them on locking end first (please don't ask me how many times I did this before I learned it   :)).

With a U-bolt removed and in good light, check the bolt and nut threads to see if they are the same.  If the threads don't match or if you can't tell or check them with other bolts and nuts or dies and taps, then you probably need to purchase different nuts.  Take the U-bolt with you to the store so you can check the nuts by threading them onto the U-bolt before you buy them.

If the threads are different and you cannot find a locknut with the proper threads you can always use a normal nut and lockwasher instead of the locking nut (that's what I have on mine and I've never had an issue with anything coming loose).

Alternatively, you can buy the U-bolts at most auto parts stores and they come prepackaged with nuts and lockwashers.  They're actually quite inexpensive.

Many Thanks!
That's what I thought, but I just wanted to make sure locking nuts weren't different in some way when it came to threads. I can't tell you how many times I used to do that with lug nuts, I would ALWAYS start out by putting them  on backwards  ::)
 I may have to buy new u bolts now,  I'm afraid that I stripped them even tho they are on part way. Like you said I will just use regular nuts and washers next.

Thanks again! :)


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