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Turn Signal Harness Plug


eric taylor:
Hey. I'm starting to put my interior in my 67 coupe. I had an issue with a short in the ignition switch. I saw a burned plug among other things. I have an old donor car and when I checked the plug on it  I saw that the under dash harness was perfect. I pulled it out and installed it in the keeper (which had been electrically abused in the past. As I looked at my steering column and the wiring therein I saw that it too had been cut and was scorched at some time or another. I went back to the donor and found a pristine column and harness.
My column has been removed and a new rag joint installed with an updated steering box. I pulled the donor column which I cut out below the harness plug and upon inspection am perplexed as to the best way to install the donor unit into the keeper column. I am tempted to simply cut the plug and install it onto the existing harness which seems in good shape about 6 or 7 inches from the plug.
There is a metal tube within the column which protects the wiring and houses the harness wires and runs the length of the column or at least to the point where the harness exits the column. The plug will not fit through the entrance or exit holes. I believe the factory wiring was fed into the column and through the tube and at the lower exit point the plug was installed. I may be right or wrong. I hate to cut a good harness.
If anyone has any insight on this please chime in.

You can remove the individual pins from the connector using a small piece of tubing to compress the little flanges that hold the pins in the connector body.  Before you do that though be sure that the wire colors of both sides of the connector match as they are mated (so the green wire from the column mates to the green wire in the dash, etc.)

Once you have the connector removed from the column harness, tape the ends together and pull them down the column until they're out.  Put the wires back into the connector to match the under-dash harness (or your notes) and you're all set.


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