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Turbo a 66'?


Ok guys, I know I'm going to get a lot of, "Why would you do that", "This car has enough power for its size" type comments, BUT, if I wanted to on the off chance in a far distant universe to Turbo my engine in my 66', how would I do so, and what type of turbo would I need? Hell, would I just need to get a new engine? I think that's what  I've mostly seen on the internet when looking around. Well let me know what ya'll think.

Should be interesting to hear back the responses.  ;D

Paxton.  Do you plan on racing that old car?  Not a good idea unless you completely change out the suspension.

If your engine has a lot of miles, it will not survive very long with the extra power given by a turbo, this is the only reason you would need a new engine for this kind of mod.
Depending how handy you are, you can place any kind of turbo in your car. I have even seen a 5.0 Mustang with a turbo taken from a diesel farm tractor in a Mustang magazine  ;D

Lol, Farm turbo. I have heard everything now! Nah, I don't plan on racing anything, it was just an idea I was throwing around, whats wrong with a lil more power, ya know?  ;D my Engine only has 62000 Miles on it, so not to many. It could prolly handle the turbo without a problem. But New suspension would be a must. My engine is still the good ol 289 with a 2V carb. Anything not so expensive as the Paxton? lol, not gonna lie, I'm a poor man with Big eyes.  :o

I found the article and I was wrong, it was installed on a 5.4 Triton engine :)
Deere Mustang
I knew it wouldn't be the solution for you but I felt like I had to mention it :D
But if you only need a liitle more power, there is many cheaper ways to go than the turbo one.


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