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Transmission swap


I have a 69 with a 351W.  Shes currently automatic but im looking to make her standard.  I have a T5 out of my last mustang an 89 and was wondering if it would bolt up?  Look forward to hearing your input or suggestions Thanks Jeremy

Yes it will, but if you still have the donor car you will be ahead of the game.  You don't want to keep going back to the junk yard with your grocery list for all the extra parts. 

It will bolt up just fine.  You may need to consider whether the T-5 is strong enough for your application though.  The T-5's are okay behind a stock 5.0 pushing 225 horsepower.  Somewhere around the 300 horsepower mark they begin to have catastrophic failures. (Actually it is more likely a specific torque number, but I don't know the number off the top of my head)

On a brighter note, it is my understanding that the clutch pedal will slide onto the existing pedal shaft of automatic cars of that era, so that may help a little bit.  You may want to look at shifter location on a Toploader and compare that to a t-5-I am pretty sure you can make it work by trimming a half inch off the right side of the transmission tunnel opening if your car is a floor shift.

I went with a T-45 to replace my toploader and bought it from Keisler engineering.  It is stronger than a T-5 and Keisler does make some internal improvements.  Works great and a 5 speed turns the car into a pussycat around town if you want to drive it easy or a monster on take off with the lower first gear ratio.

The clutch cable setup for the T-5 can have issues with burning on the exhaust, so make sure you route it carefully and insulate it where necessary.

Personally, I would stick the T-5 in there and take my chances if you aren't running it at the dragstrip.

Thanks i appreciate the help i dont plan to many performance upgrades just minor stuff right now intake, ign, carb etc.  So it should be fine ill give it a shot and let you guys know how it goes.  Thanks Jeremy

Top Loaders are hard to find these days, but that would be your best bet.  The Tremec in my 03 Mach was a piece of shit when it was new.  Ford had to replace the syncronizers and install a Steeda-Tri X short throw shifter so I could shift from 2nd to 3rd at any RPM over 4500.  It just simply wouldn't go into gear.  It was like hitting a wall.  Anyway, it works great now.  But, it cost Ford over $1000, and it took me several months of bitching and hollering to get it done.  The old 3 speed in my 65 still shifts like a dream, but I don't race it.  She's just too old and tired.


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