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Transmission fluid leak

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I am having transmission fluid problems, I have fluid dripping from around the pan, whe chage the gasket because it was in bad shape, the line from the radiator to the transmission does not apear to be damage so I know that there is no problem there.
Has anybody had this problem before and so which other areas should I look for.
Normally the dripping is worst after taking the care for a drive, and also drips when the car is seating without been use.

It would help if you told us the year and engine type.

Fill out your bio so we know which transmission you are talking about.  It could be an automatic or a manual transmission.  It could be anywhere from a C-4 to a T-5. 

I am sorry, I have a 68, 302 with a C4 automatic

Is the leak coming from the rear seal?  I've heard of people taking the spring out of the oil seal and "twisting" in a few more turns to make the spring diameter smaller then putting the spring back into the seal. This puts a little more pressure around the seal.
Who knows it might help, it's a free fix.
And fwiw - swapping a yoke and a seal is not a big job. Tranny needs to be drained though, maybe raise the rear end of the car just a bit to keep whats left of the tranny fluid from leaking out when you pull the seal.
Remove the drive shaft with the yoke intact.


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