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Transmission fluid leak

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Thanks I will try that, it seems that the fluid drips around the bolts and towards the front of the panfrom what I saw

Over time, the area around the bolt holes gets dimpled and the gasket cannot seal. You get a small leak and tightening the bolts only makes it worse. It's common and easy to fix. You need to remove the pan and flatten the mounting surface. Place the pan's mounting surface on a steel flat surface and use a steel bar and a hammer to make it flat. You may have to turn the pan over to do this but the "lip" will cause some grief. Just make it work. Do not use more than one gasket.

If that's the case, then Jim is right.  The pan needs flattening or needs to be replaced.   

I have been there done that, My 67' C4 had leaks that took some time to figure out where the fluid was coming from. Are you sure the leak is coming from the gasket or above somewhere? My car had leaks coming from the main shift shaft and from where the dip stick tube enters the transmission which is easily fixed by replacing the O ring. I recommend wiping the areas clean and when the dips start to appear feel around above the pan on the transmission casting to make sure it is not coming from above and running down off the pan. Take a strong flashlight and look carefully and you could as I did see where the fluid was actually running down and gathering around the pan and gasket joint area, appearing to be coming out from between when it was not.
 You might find your gasket is fine and there are other areas to concentrate your efforts on.



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