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transmision starts late

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hello guys.

i have a small problem with my C4. i put into drive or R and i have to wait like 10-15 seconds before it starts going, its a bit anoying. apart of that it works perfect.
i assume its an adjustment issue...? it used to be better
but what has to be adjusted? and how?

i searched the FAQs and i didn't find the right thing. i dont really know what i'm looking for so its hard to find it. :-[

thanks for answers!

Make sure it is full of fluid to begin with.  If it is, then maybe your bands need tightening.  I have an article in the FAQ that explains how to tighten them without taking the transmission out of the car.  Go to the transmission section to find it.  I believe it is still there, but if not, then get back. 
On edit:  Sometimes these articles and answers get lost in Cyber land, but it is still there.  Here it is......

Intermediate band is the front one with adjusting nut on the drivers side.

Low reverse band is the rear most one with the adjusting nut on the passenger side.

For everyone else who might consider doing it also.

Adjustment procedure:

1: remove and discard locknut and install a new one (more than just a good idea here folks)
2: torque adjusting screw to 10ftlbs. (thats the one inside the nut, not the nut itself)
3: Back off adjusting screw exactly
a. 1 1/2 turns on 1964 C4
b. 1 3/4 turns on 1965-1981 C4
4: Hold adjusting screw from turning and tighten locknut

1: loosen lock nut several turns
2: torque adjusting screw to 10ftlbs
3: Back off adjusting screw 3 full turns
4: hold adjusting screw from turning and tighten lock nut

10 ftlbs isnt very much so you will need a very small ftlb torque wrench. If you can find one that has both inch lbs and ftlbs on it, that would be the one to use.

cool, i will check it out


My trucks C6 does this too, but only in D and only when its cold, if its warm it works perfectly. Do i need to adjust the bands or is it another problem?

Try adjusting the intermediate bands first.  If that doesn't fix it, and the fluid level is full, then you might want to take it to a transmission shop.   It could be any manner of worn out parts. 


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