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Tire size question for 71-71 Mach 1


Using the Magnum 500 15x8" Rims, what is the largest tire that anyone has fot to this series of mustang without sheetmetal interference and without rolling the lip?

I am thinking of trying some 275-60-15's and maybe even buying a set of the BF Goodrich Drag Radials for a set of tires to play with at the strip this spring.  Too big?

When i bought my car is came with some massive tires on the back that were on a 15x8 rim. I'll check today and let you know what size they were. They filled out the wheel well all the way with out rubbing so.

The 8" rim is about the widest you can put on that classic without rubbing.  195 70's will fit just fine. 

well I have 235-60-15's with room to spare.  But maybe my car is a Clydsedale LOL

I put Mag 500's 15x7 with T/A 225 60 15 and with 4 people in the car going around corners and road dips at a good clip, no rubbing at all



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