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Thermosat Housing question for a 65 coupe


Restoring my first Mustang.  The car is in excellent condition to begin a restore but it does need a few parts.  One is a thermostat housing.  The housing is coroded beyond reuse. I can see the cast numbers C5OE-859? on the housing.   The last number is gone, as well as the following alpha.    The indent ring for the thermostat is in the housing, that I can see, and is consisten with what I have read about  change level L-7. 
The engine was assembled on April 7, 1965.  The change level is L-7.  The car assembly date is April 20, 1965.  It is a 2V-289 C code engine.
I see C5OE-8592 and C5OE-8594 both used as part numbers for the thermostat housing.  Can someone help me identify which number thermostat housing I should have on this vehicle?
I could also use some help with the part number for the water pump.  It is aluminum but has been replaced with a water pump that only has a number "518" and "Made in USA" cast in it.  No, Ford part number shows on the water pump.  It was most likely replaced about 20 years ago, (best guess).  There is no impeller cover on the water pump.  Can someone help me identify which part number water pump I should use on this vehicle?   The timing cover is an aluminum C4OE-6059-A cast in Dec 64.  Date circle has a 64 with 12 dots.

I used my Master Parts List to look these up.  The water pump you describe has the part number C5AZ-8501K, specified for the Mustang before change L8.  The one that's on there is most likely a replacement unit bought at an auto parts store.

The MPC says that the correct thermostat housing for your car (after 3/1/65) is 8592A, and also indicates that the 8594 part number is for the 1967/68/69/70 big block Mustangs and 68/69/70 250 six Mustangs.

Thank you for the information and for the quick reply.


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