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Hi guys.  It's been a while since i've posted.  Decided to run a cleveland, as I found a decent 2v cleveland engine at a fair price.  So, the shifter on my toploader is bad, and I need a new clutch/flywheel.  I am moving ~1300 miles, so i have been thinking about doing the t5 conversion.

Now, the question i have is, what is the difference in the 94/95 5.0 t5's, and the 87-93 t5's?  Aren't the 94/95 t5's equiped with longer input shafts?  What wuold I need to do, to run a 94/95 t5 on my cleveland?  (An 87-93 t5 would just bolt up with a new clutch/flywheel).  would I need a bushing to make it work?  I ask, because there is a good t5 from a 94 GT at the local scrap yard for good price.  Sorry for asking slightly stupid question, but I am not a t5 guru.  =(

Thanks guys!

you can use the 94-95 t5 but like you state the input shaft is longer. some guys run them so the shifter will be moved further back. plus you will have to shorten the d/s even more with the 94-95 unit. the transmission will just bolt up like the 87-93 tranny with the proper 28oz flywheel for the cleve you will just have to mod the crossmember and d/s maybe enlarge the shifter hole slightly

Hmm.  I will have to measure.  I am not willing to cut up/modify the hole in the floorpan, for all of the 3-4mpg better.  I may see if someone has an 87-93 t5.  Also, I was reading specs, and the t5 is only like 1/2 inch longer than the toploader.  Couldn't I just nudge the engine/trans foward that 1/2" and use my stock shaft?  I don't think the extra 1/2" foward is going to make much of an impact on the handling of a dinosaur.  This is just a thought. 

Also, does anyone know what the stock length of a fox driveshaft is?  Sorry for asking a bunch of questions, I just want to speculate all options before I go a specific route.  I known it would be easy enuogh to pull my shaft and get it modified, but then it prevents me from going back to toploader, when i get ready to restore it.

Shortening and lengthening the drive shaft is a very easy job for a qualified machine shop.  If you want the cheaper 94/95 you may have to cut the hump and shorten the driveshaft, but down the road, you can put the top loader back in after lengthening the driveshaft.  You are probably not going to get rid of the car down the road anyway, so go ahead and make it yours.  At least for right now.  Nothing you will be doing is irreversible.  Here is some technical stuff to help you decide, and if you do decide to take the jump these articles will be invaluable to you.

Well, I guess the statement is correct.  Everything I would be doing is reversable.  I think I will call around and see if I can find an 87-93 t5 anyways.  If the price isn't right I'll go with the 94.  Thank's for all of the help.  I've come to the understand that I will need the majority of an 87-93 fox chassis clutch assy thou?  Since I will be switching from mechanical linkage to cable actuation.  So, I will need a quadrant, a cable, and the 'rats nest' where the pedal attaches to the cable?  Also, will my current speedo cable/gear work with the t5, or will i need to buy a new gear/cable?

Thanks guys!


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