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t5 conversion questions

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Ok, so I found someone selling a t5 that supposidly came from an 86 fox.  Now, I've always heard to try and find an 87-93.  I've been looking, but from what I've read 85+ were world class t5's.  Is that correct?  It may have been that only the GT's were WC.  I've also heard that if the front plug on a t5,(with bellhousing removed), if it looks like a freeze plug, it is non wc t5.  Anyone have a picture of the 'plug' on a wc t5?  I think I may drive up and look at it.  The guy had purchased it for his Mustang II, but is selling all of his stuff for personal reasons I guess, but he is wanting 300 for the whole trans.  Not too bad, if it is WC.  Thanks for looking and helping guys.


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