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swap a C4 for an AOD

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I want to bring my cruising RPM down it was suggested that I change to an AOD trans. Does anyone know of any problems with this? Are they a direct fit? Thanks

I did one on my 72, im assuming it shouldn't be much different for you. I had to have my drive shaft shortened a bit, had to custom fab a new tranny cross member, you will need longer bell housing bolts the stock ones are too short. And you will need to get a tv cable bracket and assembly. mine came with a cable but i had to custom make my bracket etc. its easier to buy the kit imo. also make sure that the cable is adjusted PERFECTLY otherwise you will burnup the transmission very very quickly. One more thing, make sure you get an AOD and not an AOD-E! Good luck.

Thanks, I've been watching adds they seem real reasonable price wise.

Check the FAQ section.  There's an article in there that explains how to add an AOD to your current transmission. 

Thanks Soaring, I already checked it out. The link deadends. I have found other one that says it has been removed or renamed. If I or anyone else finds these who do we report it to, to keep the FAQ's up to date? Thanks


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