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suspesion resto question.

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I'm looking for the crossmember that holds the front of the stut rods on a 73 mach 1..the strut rods bolt to the lower arms and attach to this cross member...its not the core support or the engine cross member..its welded in place...anybody making this part?   the pic is from the bottom front..pretty bad..

Your only source is from a donor car as I've not seen many aftermarket 73 Mustang sheet metal parts. To further complicate your quest, I don't know if that part is the same as a 71-72 Mustang or if it was common to any other Ford or Mercury (my parts book covers 65 to 72 and it is not serviced, 65 to 70 are,  strange). Go to a Ford dealer and see if they might have a Ford Car Parts manual for 1975 on. The base Ford number should be 3486. 

If all else fails, you may have to cut that one out to be used as a pattern, then make your own. 

Look for a 71-73 donor car, they are all the same, and weld the new one in. If not i guess the only other option is to make your own as Glen said. Good luck.

I thank you easy way out.Was hoping for an aftermarket option....thanks again.  tom


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