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suspesion resto question.

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I've never seen one rust like that, was it in the mud or something?

I live in New Hampshire ...they salt the roads here!!!

You might try cleaning that one up then POR 15 the hell out of it after you weld a new patch on there.  That will last you for another few years, then keep that sucker out of the snow and salty streets. 
Get a beater for the winter. 

The support is worse than the pic shows..I gotta find another..  I just bought the car...It was in a barn for 18 years,I've never driven it..thanks again.

If you want to avoid paying services you need to buy the parts and do it by yourself. You need to check what are the parts affected by the rust is it only the strut rod or the whole assembly, then change the parts like the strut rod, strut insert I hope the whole assembly is not affected by the rust. You can watch for more tutorials on youtube.

--- Quote ---Aftermarket replacements for this part are direct fit so do-it-yourself (DIY) installation can be easily performed.
--- End quote ---


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