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« on: December 31, 2005, 05:50:52 PM »
Hey there guy's. I'm new to the site. I have a few questions for you. What would be a good way to raise the rear end height? (To make the rear end sit higher).I've heard of some type of blocks (dont know what they are made of) that I can put somewhere underneath the leaf springs or on top. Not sure at all. That's why I'm asking. Either that or do you think I should just get some new leaf springs? If so can you recommend me some that would at least raise my rear end height? Does anyone have any pictures of first gen mustangs, that are raised in the rear? If so post them back so I can see for myself what height I would like. Reason being is that I'm trying to get wider tires on my 68 mustang coupe. I want to go 275 maybe a little bigger. I tried this before but the tire would hit the rear qtr panel everytime I hit a bump, and scraped the hell out of the tire. Luckily the guy at the store didn't charge me for them. So yea, if anyone can help me out that would be great. Thanks a lot.


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Re: suspension??????
« Reply #1 on: January 01, 2006, 12:33:59 PM »
hey , i have seen an article about that once , it came with pics and all , they used an aluminum block , i am not sure where exactly to put them , beside they said this is better than buying new leaf sprins that come to make the rear higher . go check it for ur self , it is somewhere on , i just cant remember where .



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