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hey guys i hope  you remember me i had some questions over replacing some suspension components and well i got that coveres i got a kit off of ebay  with bushings and ball joints, but the new question is  since im swapping the old 289  to a newer 302ci engine  i was wondering  what i  should do with my steering, what would be more conveint leave the stock  rack &  pinion setup and find a way to hook up the  newer steering pump,  or  would  i be better of  getting a manual steering setup  for  this car this build is getting to  the  point where  i have  barrier to go  to the next level since the  engine is ready  to fit  in , but i want to fix the suspension and steering before  putting the  engine in to  give me extra  space to work with  please give me imput in this guys i really would appreciate any ones help  pertaining  this subject, im sure  some one else has  done  something like this before please give me your feedback

Jerry Baker:
I say power streering but then thats just me.

But now as far as the working on it and which would be better you will have to ask Racedraper he know a lot more then I on stuff like this.

Good luck bro

well there is a guy on ebay that has a complete mustang 2 front end for about 1600 bucks. It comes with power rack or none. But it all comes down to if your biuld a hot rod and wanted everybit of HP cause power sterring robs about 10 from you are your biulding a great cruiser. Im keeping mine stock with a master rebiult kit for 700 bucks. the kit includes all new springs,tie-rods, rear leafs, front and rear swaybar kits, control arms. everything possible to be brand new or even better. But if you get then kit you will do some cutting, cause the stock shock tower will be gone forever. but hadeling will be great, but I miss the old school feel,


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