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  I have been looking around and trying to find out if I should buy that complete front end suspension kit or if I should only get what I need. Last time I drove her ( which was over a year :'() I nothiced that I was getting a stong pull to the right, and I think I narrowed it down to the idler arm, but I was wondering if it would be better to just put a whole new kit on? I am sure it would be better to do so , and as most of you know this won't happen until I take the motor out and sand blast the underside of her, but I have drank about 5 cups of coffee ths morning and ready to type,lol.

Give me some ideas.

What year?  Have money burning a hole in your pocket?  If she is 65-68, I think you can break the bank and get a Griggs Racing front susp.  It's VERY pricey, but it's road race/autocross quality, and your performance will be amazing.  It will be rough, if you have soft susp on there now but if you have a more 'sporty' setup, with heavy susp, you may not notice a big change.  I've even seen some people run the road race setup, then swap rims, and adjust the susp, and run 11-12second passes at the strip.  If you are just looking for a soft ride, for cruising, i would probably just change shocks/springs out to suit your needs.  Discs all around, or atleast upfront?  if not, it's a good time to change.

If she is #'s matching, I'd stay with something that is easily reversible, if ever be the need she had to change homes.  If not # matching, go crazy do what you want.  What ever makes you happy is the way to go.

Personally, I enjoy a tight, sporty ride over the 'weekend strip car' feel.  I like to throw her in corners, and come out with the engine singing.  not too keen on straight line, shift kitted auto trans =(

  Well I wouldn't say burning a hole in my pocket. I am in Army and she is located in Kansas, where I am stationed is Kentucky. I only get to spend about 15 days a year with her due to continuas operations. The car is a 73 Mach one, my friend ,and I am just thinking about that front end kit you can get to replace everthing up front, for the crusing days.


Russ, there are a couple of different ways you can attack it.  First, you can either buy rebuild kits or kits of the suspension parts that are already rebuilt.  NPD can help you out with that direction. 
Your second choice would be to take some pretty drastic measures, and you should only consider this direction if you plan to make a fire breathing monster out of your Mach.  Here is an article you should read to give you a better insight into what others have done to beef up their suspensions.  Personally, if I were you, I would get a kit of the original parts and put it back to original factory specs.

yeah that is what I was getting at. I was hoping to just buy the whole kits to replace waht is under there, just to make sure everything was new and wouldn't fall off at 55. I am looking at a kit now on ebay but who knows. Great link thanks


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