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hello guys your feedback was really  helpful with the  engine swap of  my original 289 to the  302, its a done  deal now the  question ive got is that i want to upgrade my suspension or at least rebuild it  with  at least new bushings, joints, and bearings. i was looking into a  suspension rebuild kit from   which has  bushings  ball joints and some other  stuff what would you guys  say or  please  if you could advise me with  what  i really  have to do to make  it  safe, because  i have a buick GS i  used to  drive in my high school years, and  it  gave me such a hassle  with  the  suspension, that literally changed my priority as having a good suspension First rather than a kick ass  engine. If you guys have any help or tips relevant to the  subject please give me a hand thanks

Jerry Baker:
if your worried about the bushings the most a local garage could replace them alot cheaper then a whole ne supension.  But if you just want to feel safer and want all new under it I say go that route you will feel better in the end.   I know mine has the the factory stuff under it and I need new bushings bad.  I have alot of play in the wheel and so on. and I put some new ones in it about 5 years ago but not all and it shows.

well there sre kits out there. I fornd one at but its 2500 for just the front. I also found on ebay a complete mustang2 style front end with new coil overs for 1600. but I am leaning to a complete rebiuld kit and thats on ebay also for 700 bucks, new everything ,sway bar,tir rods,ball joint,control arms and a rear sway bar kit and your choice of  a monti carlo bar. This would be the best bang for your buck


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