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OK. So on to the suspension.  I have ALL the original parts on my 65 in my garage on the walls, floor, shelves, etc.  How do I determine if I can reuse the leaf springs or if they need to be replaced?  Do you recommend any particular kits for general daily driver restoration?

If they are the original leaf springs you should probably replace them.  If they're not original to the car then you can just replace all the eye bushings and reuse them.

There are quite a few Mustang specialty suppliers (National Parts Depot, Glazier-Nolan, Mustangs Unlimited, etc.) that supply quality replacement parts.  I replaced my leaf springs last year with the Grab-a-track 4 leaf units and am very satisfied with them.

Thanks South Dakota.  Will get started on it.  Got any good suggestions for undercoatings?

The cars were not undercoated from the factory, just sprayed with red oxide primer.  I really can't offer any useful advice beyond knowing that there are commercially applied products available or you can do a bit at a time with spray cans.

Also, I seem to be about the only one answering questions on this board anymore.  I have some experience but I think you'd benefit from a wider experience base available on a board with greater participation.  I also belong to the crowd and find lots of good information there.

Best of luck with your project!!

When I purchased my 67 5 years ago the rear end visibly squatted so it was easy to see new springs were needed. Oregon spring works had a new set sitting on the rack that I picked up reasonably. After installing bushing and the springs it raised the back of the car by almost 4 inches. I then added KYB gas filled shocks all the way around which really improved the handling if the car. The front coils are original but still seem to be in perfect condition keeping the front end up at factory height.


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