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Hi all,
 I was thinking of rebuilding my Front end on my car over the winter. Now I want to have a little better performance out of her. my 65 conv is stock. Now if I ordered all new coils shocks, upper and lower arms ball joints and all new bushings is it just unbolt and bolt in the new parts or do I need special equipment to due it. I am sure most of my suspension is from day one. Needs some advice. I saw some complete new performance shock coil assmeblys but dont want to pay to much, also was thinking that they would need lots of modifications to install. Please let me know your thoughts. 45 year old suspension is not that nice to drive.

If, after reviewing the information in the FAQ section at the top of the classic section for  information regarding this upgrade, and you still have questions, get back. 

Hi Glen,
 I dont really want to modify the suspension but thought of buying all new parts. Control arms,up and down, new springs, shocks and leaf springs. Maybe some heavy duty ones. Also going to put a 1" sway bar on the front end. One of my buddys said that would due wonders. Whats your thoughts?

If you are going back with stock parts, it will be just an unbolt the old and bolt on the new.  The sway bar (actually an anti-sway) bar upgrade to a `1" is a good idea.  When you take off those coil springs be especially careful.  Those things can kill you.  Read up on which spring compressor to use and how to use it.  In the rear, you are going to have to decide which leaf springs to get.  I went with the standard eye like what was the original, and mine sits great and performs fine.  I went with KYB gas adjust shocks on all four corners and love the ride.  A little stiffer than original, but makes for great handling. 

Great. Thanks for the tips. I may get the springs replaced from someone. I dont know if I want to handle that myself. I was looking at the same shocks KG4517 and KG5517.

Thank you


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