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Ok so im assembling my 351c. However when i was at the machine shop yesterday picking up my parts i was stupid enough to leave with out picking up oil or assembly lube for the main bearings etc. Seeing as today is new years the machine shop is closed along with most places that would sell what i need. So my question is: can i just use some motor oil i have in the garage cabinets for the main and connecting rod bearings or is that not safe? Thanks.

I haven't rebuilt an engine myself, but I am pretty sure that it HAS to be assembly lube.

Not what i wanted to hear ;D
Thanks for the reply

yeah I know, perfect day to get her done. Pretty sure assembly lube is think and stays where it's supposed to whereas oil will drip out and not stay there and it can take a bit for the oil to get everywhere on startup. Have you ever let an oil drain pan sit on an angle and all the oil will pool up in a corner? After a few days of that, there is almost no oil anywhere else because it all slowly drains down.

I have rebuilt a few engines by wiping some grease on the bearings and started it up with 30 weight oil without a problem.  Just make sure the bearings are greased. 


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