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Stuck brake drum

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I have a stuck brake drum on my 72. The wheel dragged when I moved the car with a tractor. Its been parked for years. I have sprayed liquid wrench in and around the drum and hit with a hammer but it refuses to budge. Does anyone have an idea on how to remove the drum other than cutting it off? Thanks

Obviously the drum and the shoe have mated, and the only way to get it off would be to heat up the drum with a torch so that the shoe gets on fire and separates itself from the drum.  Just make sure you have drained all the fluid at or near the site so it doesn't get on fire.  That's the only thing I can think of.  There is no way to get any oil or anything in there to soak. 

have you tried using a puller??

Both are good idea's. I am currently getting the house and yard ready for a graduation party. I will get back to the Mustang when its over.

Stephen's use of a puller is less intrusive, but if that doesn't budge it, then heat can be applied while using the puller.  Maybe the shoes don't need to get on fire, just hot enough to separate from the drum. 


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