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still cant pick clutch, HELP


hi, wow, very impressed by FAQ (Soaring) web lists.  the old clutch question. my 66 289 4-speed toploader with stock 157 th fly wheel, stock #6 280:1 rear end, motor some mods- elder 4 barl carb/intake, cheap headers, dual point distrib, diff cam, all done (rebuilt) by someone else.  i dont want a stock style clutch, been hearing spec or centerforce up grade is way easyer on the leg and car parts. daily driver/ stop light racer ocasionally. would love some opinions about these brands good or bad. i am open to other brands you have had luck with.  centerforce dual friction and spec 2 seem to be mentioned the most, both have a 1,2,3 also??? who has best price??thanks!  chriscll

I have a Centerforce Dual Friction Centrifugal weight clutch.  It will hold any small block power level a sane person would build for the street.  BUT  .  .  . Clutch and pressure plates are heavy and are rotating mass.  Going with an overly strong clutch usually results in getting an extra heavy pressure plate . . . that means parasitic driveline loss goes up and your engine will rev a little slower.

As to lower pedal effort . . . it requires removing a spring in the linkage that is hard to get to and can hurt you easily if not done properly.

My suggestion is to decide on your power level and get a clutch designed for that level  to 25% above that level.  For lighter pedal effort, consider hydraulic actualtion.

Personally, I don't mind a heavy clutch as long as engagement is smooth and predictable.


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