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speedo problem


i believe my speedometer is off because i put 3.00 gears to replace my 2.79 gear set.

here's what i know:                                 here's what i want to know:

17 tooth Driven gear                         1. what drive gear i have

3.00 posi                                         2. what driven gear would fix this problem

8" rear                                            3. and even possibly, what tire and wheel diameter combo would help out.

c4 transmission

289 engine

1968 ford mustang

P205/70/R14 tires

Thank you for your input.

Jimmy, if you dig enough, you will find your answer in the FAQ section above your head.  For instance, did you know that all this information about general topics regarding our classics was available for you in the FAQ?

This site was recommended to me by Mark at Toploader Heaven.   :)


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