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Speedo cable routing for a 66 Mustang with a C-4

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Brian Gruber:
Anyone know of any reference for how the speedo cable on a 66mustang fastback with a 289 and a C-4 is routed from the firewall to the trans?

Jerry Baker:
NPD has books for sale on how to do most any thing to them.  Auto Zone may have something.  Try the web maybe by typing 66 mustang Trans cable.. you never know.  

Wish I could help more

should be rather simple. there should be a gromet in the fire wall that  should help with the cable. or just route it we there is no kinks and has the shoothis way to the trans.

Brian Gruber:
It seems like there should be something similiar to the fuel and brakeline clip to hold the cable along the framerail or to the support that the crossmember bolts to. The grommet at the firewall is that goofy almost thick hose sheeth over tha cable.  There are holes along the inside of the framerail thst look like possible clip holes along with th support brace in the tunnel.

Jerry Baker:
know anyone else that ownes a 66?


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