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Speedo cable routing for a 66 Mustang with a C-4

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Brian Gruber:
That was it! It worked! Yahoo!  Now I can download a pic to the 65-66 classic collection too.

Jerry Baker:
Man you could eat off of that

do you ever drive your car/?the under carriage is awsome, very detailed.should be able to route it with no problems, just make sure its away from the exhuast

Brian Gruber:
The car has not been driven yet.  I have spent the last four years restoring this car to factory specs.  In the last four years I have had three kids and got my masters degree, so it has taken longer than I would like.  It will be on the road this summer.  Than I am selling it to finance the next project which will be more fun for me a restomod 67 fastback.  If you look on the pictures page I posted the car on the 65-66 group.  You can see the back corner of the 67 fastback.  I have already replaced the tailpanel, trunk floor quarters and outer wheel housings ion that car.  I am going to post another picture of my 66 shortly before the front sheetmetal.  My father owned a body shop when I was a kid.  He sold it and restored classic cars out of house as a second job.  He currently owns a 69 sportsroof, 69 Mach I, two 66 Coupes, a 67 convertible, a 65 fastback, a 56 T-bird and a 49 Ford.

Jerry Baker:
Sounds alot like my family.  I want to get all the familys cars together.  We have a 69 and a 70, son has a 79 TA.  Dad has a 39 plymouth, 1950 custom sedan, a 63 tbird a 65 ford truck and 2 1950 pick ups he is working on.  My uncle has a 70 challanger, a 49 mercury, 69 firebird a 70 or 71 lemans, a 57 chevy,2 or 3 63 chevy trucks and I think a 72 chevy truck. other uncle has a 49 or 50 mercury.  Had a 72 chevy lost it in a house fire.

This is a old photo of dads 50 custom


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