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Sloppy Steering


How can I improve my steering on my 66 with manual steering. I've adjusted (the steering box) as much as I can with no improvement. It seeems to be in the steering box, but not absolutly positive. I've read the the new boxes aren't any better than a rebuilt, rack and pinion is good, rack and pinion is bad......urrrgh. The car is not fun to drive the way it is. You have to dance and let the car lead all the time, I want to lead. How have you corrected this problem? Is there a cost effective way? Thanks

First did you adjust both places on the box?  The top one is the easiest place to get to. The second place is around the lock ring further down on the box. If you don't have a book, get one. It shows you where to adjust.  Turning the top one more than 1/4 turn is about all you want to turn it.  To me it sounds like your box is totally worn out.  If after you look in the book and adjust it from there and no improvement start looking for a new box.  I have a couple of extra ones but they come in so many different lengths that mine probably aren't the same.  You need it to be the same length so the tube still fits right. Good luck


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